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What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS (often referred to as SMS Online) messaging is essentially text messaging at scale - with SMS a business can effortlessly send out a batch of text messages and reach hundreds or thousands of customers within minutes.

This mass SMS technology allows a business to reach highly targeted mobile users to drive more leads, event sign-ups, sales, updates or anything they want and have the confidence that message will get opened.

What makes bulk SMS different?

In short, SMS combines:

  1. Highly targeted and personalised messaging
  2. Unrivalled open rates
  3. High click-through rates
  4. Fast response times (from recipients) and;
  5. Wide-reachability

One of the core drivers that makes SMS so powerful is that it is permission-based which means that the recipient has granted you explicit consent to send text messages to them.

If you’re a marketing person then being able to send bulk SMS messages to customers regularly is a great advantage.

What is bulk SMS used for?

Bulk SMS services can be used for a multitude of different and creative ways and be easily used by beginners – with a service like 160.com.au for example there are no manuals to read or software to install, it’s virtually point and shoot.

Because SMS uses mobile technology and most people today have either a smart phone or at least a feature mobile phone you can contact them in an instant whether they be:

  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Members
  • Patients
  • Internal/External teams and stakeholders

A few sectors that benefit from SMS include:

Bulk SMS Service For Business

Imagine sending marketing to people who actually want to receive it?

In fact, 75% of consumers would actually love to receive special offers from businesses via text message!

SMS is a permission-based marketing channel which increases its effectiveness.

Consider other marketing channels for a moment:

Typically, businesses are used to seeing poor response rates from their existing marketing channels for example it’s normal to expect a 20% open from email and anywhere from 1-7% click through rates not only that but those emails can sit unread for days.

With PPC you can expect to see click-through results hovering around 2% on average across all industries.

With your bulk SMS campaigns you can expect to receive at least 82.1% open rates and receive a response within 90 seconds.

While business owners and marketing teams who want a strong promotional channel see the instant value in this type of technology it’s also incredibly valuable in other industries.

SMS Gateway API

Integrate SMS capabilities into your current web or business software with our SMS gateway and API.

Bulk SMS Service For Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics rely on being able to effectively contact patients and while also having the ability to receive replies when necessary.

While Medical staff can call patients it is incredibly time-consuming which makes mobile text messaging an efficient and effective communication channel.

Medical Clinics are using SMS for:

  • Bill reminders
  • Automated appointment confirmations
  • Important updates
  • Internal communication

Bulk SMS Service For Schools

Timeliness is key with schools as updates tend to be sent out close to an event for example letting parents and students know about how weather conditions may be affecting closures or transport

Schools can also send instant SMS notifications to parents if their child has become ill and needs to come home.

Benefits Of Bulk SMS

Targeted Messaging Using Contact Groups

Bulk SMS solutions use contact groups, by populating these groups with people who share similar intent/interests you will further increase your open and response rates because your message will be highly relevant to the interests of that specific group.

SMS contact groups allow you to dramatically reduce your SMS costs and unsubscribe rates since you’re not wasting SMS credits on people who would never be interested.

Scheduling & Automation

Schedule and automate any SMS to go out simply by entering in the day, date, time etc.

Being able to automate upcoming bulk messages is valuable for businesses involved in high-volume campaigns or have a lot of customers.

Lead Generation And Sales

With Keyword Opt-in business can quickly generate fresh new leads and drive traffic to sales teams and web pages to be converted into new customers.

The real power of bulk SMS marketing is through the contact lists whereby businesses can literally generate revenue at will typically within a few minutes of recipients receiving your offer.

Direct SMS To Email

If you’ve sent out a large campaign and you’re expecting replies then have those replies automatically redirected to a designated email address.

This makes it very easy to work through the responses.

No Internet Connection Needed

Your customers, patients or members don’t need to have an internet connection to receive your text messages.

Mobile marketing is limited in this sense as it relies on its customers to be online but with SMS marketing you will have nothing stopping your message from getting through.

Integrate With Other Channels

Bulk SMS marketing should be used to improve other channels as well.

  • If you’re looking to call a client you can precede that call with a quick SMS message stating that you will call them at a specific time.
  • Increase newsletter open rates by sending an SMS asking if they’d seen the latest newsletter.
  • Increase webinar attendance rates by sending an SMS message before it begins.
  • Increase visitors to your booth at trade shows by sending a series of scheduled SMS messages leading up to that event.

Platform Integration

If you’re currently spending the majority of your time on a specific piece of software like a CRM system then you can use an SMS API to send bulk SMS messages out through that CRM.

SMS Features


Personalised messages typically receive higher response rates. Our name merge feature automatically inserts a customer’s name into each SMS message that you send out.

Two Way Messaging

Create a conversation and allow recipients to reply back to your SMS messages.

Send SMS Via Email

Send SMS messages from any email platform or business application that has email capabilities.

Schedule Campaigns And Reminders

Schedule and automate any text messaging campaign, reminder or SMS alert with our easy to use scheduler.

Multiple Contact Groups

Create an almost number of segmented groups so you can tailor and target your messages with more precision.

Build A List With SMS Shortcodes

Build and grow your SMS list using a special keyword and SMS short code.

What is a special keyword?

This is a short word or phrase that people use to reply back with.

What is an SMS shortcode?

This is a special short number that people send the special keyword back to.

Text “gimme50” (special keyword) to 12345 (short code) and
receive 50% off your next pair of shoes!

Whenever texts that keyword back using that short code they are automatically added to a contact list that you created. The contact list may be “shoe customers”


Allow subscribers to opt-out.

Global SMS

Send SMS campaigns globally through our international partners.

Delivery Reports

Receive a report detailing the delivery status of your SMS.

SMS Gateway API

Enable SMS capabilities on your current web or business software with our SMS API.

Email to SMS

Email to SMS allows you to send SMS through your favourite email software whether it be cloud based (gmail) or software based (outlook express or a CRM).

How to send a bulk SMS messages from any mobile phone

Online SMS means you can send text messages from your phone, tablet or computer – in fact, all you need is an internet connection.

Sending mass SMS messages is as easy as sending a single SMS message.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Choose the contact group (or mobile number) you wish to send the SMS message to
  3. Type out your text message
  4. Click ‘send’

Your message will begin to get sent our via our servers.

If you want to schedule a campaign then before you click ‘send’ just open the calendar and click on the day, date or time you want it to go out.

If you want replies from your recipients and you want to receive those emails to a designated email address instead then choose the option to send replies to email.

There are loads of features you can play with but if you’re sending basic SMS campaigns it is incredibly straight forward.

Want to see our bulk SMS plans and prices?

We recommend signing up for a free trial. There are no time limits so you can have a look around at the features and see if it meets your needs.

Click here to get started!

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Cloud-Based Solution

No software, app or plugin to install. Access your SMS dashboard from anywhere in the world and on any device.

Credits Never Expire

As long as you send at least 1 SMS every 6 months your credit will never expire.

No Contracts


No Setup Fees or Monthly Fees

Sign up for a free account. Choose your SMS prepaid package. Upload your contacts list and start sending all within minutes.

No Hidden Charges

Your account is totally free the only thing you pay for are your SMS packs.

World Class Tech

We have our servers housed in the best data centres and are equipped with redundancy measures to ensure your service never goes down.

Customer Support

Our customer and tech support team are on standby should you need any assistance.

API Integration

Send SMS from your current software with our API.

100% Delivery

Ensure that your messages get delivered to the intended recipient.

Ready to see our bulk SMS packages and rates? Click the link below to setup a free account. From your free account you can see how our platform works and send out a few free SMS’s and if you’re ready you can purchase our SMS packages from inside your account. Click here to get started!

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