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SMSPapa: the only way to send SMS! SMSPapa: the only way to send SMS!
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Global coverage, local service. Reach the world through SMS Papa SMS
 Global coverage, local service.  Reach the world through SMS Papa SMS
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Australian Domestic Coverage

SMS Papa provides you with complete access to all the major Australian mobile carriers routed through our own proprietary SMSC. And with our great rates, you'll find yourself reaching for your keyboard instead of your mobile to send SMS.

Mobile Network
Message credit cost*
Telstra (including sub carriers)
Three (Hutchinson)
Virgin Mobile

* a standard SMS is classified as SMS Papa characters of text. SMS Papa allows message concatenation which allows up to four SMS messages or 600 characters to be sent as one message, however, four SMS credits will be charged. Messages to CDMA and other non-standard numbers such as premium rate services may be charged higher.

International Coverage

In addition to our extensive domestic Australian SMS coverage, SMS Papa also allows you to reach up to 96% of global mobile phones through our international partners. Messages rates may vary however.

To send an international SMS, simply use the full mobile number including country code.

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A Standard SMS is an SMS message which contains no more than 160 characters. A standard SMS sent from your mobile phone also contains no more than 160 characters. SMS Papa allows up to 600 characters to be transmitted concatenated over four SMS. Each standard SMS is charged at the rate of one credit. CDMA, premium rate numbers and other non-standard mobile destinations may incur higher charges. If in doubt, please contact us.

SMS Papa adheres to the Anti Spam Act. Any user found using the service to send unsolicited SMS Text Messages will have their account immediately suspended without refund. Please refer to the terms of service for complete details.

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