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Business SMS


SMS Papa helps Australian businesses reach their customers on their mobile phones fast and effectively whether it’s for reminders, alerts, and notifications or to generate leads and convert more sales. 


Generate Qualified Customer Leads

SMS lead generation works incredibly easy, simply set up your keyword and reply-number along with an offer or special information and people will send you their mobile numbers for you to follow up on. 

Convert More Sales

Want to know how to make selling easy? Collect information from people who are close to making a buying decision! Collecting email addresses is easy but these types of leads are generally still in the information-seeking phase and not ready to hear from a salesperson. SMS mobile leads are typically a lot closer to making a buying decision making it easier for your sales team to convert into a new customer.

Send Promotions

The more people who open your promotion the more sales you’ll generate. SMS messages achieve anywhere from 82-97% open and read rates making it an easy way to get maximum delivery and attention on your promotional campaigns.

Send Team Updates, Alerts And Notifications

Instead of calling up your team one by one, send out a message blast you can reach them all in an instant.

Boost Channel Performance

Since virtually everyone opens their SMS messages you can use this to help boost your other marketing activities. Send a text message to remind your subscribers about an upcoming event, webinar, meeting, or important company newsletter.

Send Reminders And Alerts

Never have customers and team members miss an appointment, meeting or important updates again by scheduling SMS reminders.

Drive Sales And Enquiries

Getting the phone to ring with new business is easy with SMS. At least 82% of people open their SMS messages giving your promotions the highest visibility.

Reach Thousands Instantly

Whether you’re sending a single SMS reminder or trying to reach tens of thousands of people our web based bulk messaging platform is the perfect tool.

Our Business SMS Platform Supports

Our online business SMS platform makes texting easy for Australian businesses. Send text messages anywhere in the world with a few clicks.

Send Bulk Messages

160 is a bulk business messaging service that allows you to reach as many customers as you need instantly.

Get Timely Delivery Reports

When you send a campaign you will receive a full delivery report on who received your campaigns.


If you want to include the recipient’s 1st name our system can add that name into the message automatically.

Schedule Messages

Send out appointment reminders to clients or keep the team updated with SMS reminders.

Keyword Opt-Out

Customers can automatically remove themselves from your list by texting back a special keyword.

Integrate SMS Into Your Current Software

Our business SMS platform comes with full API integration allowing your current software to use our SMS features all within a familiar user-interface.


Business SMS Features

  • Online Based SMS Messaging
  • 2-Way SMS
  • Personalised Messaging Tags
  • International SMS Coverage
  • Replies Sent To Mobile Or Email
  • Delivery Reports
  • Sub-User Accounts
  • Unlimited Contact Groups
  • SMS Scheduling
  • Keyword Opt-In & Opt-Out
  • Email to SMS
  • Export SMS Messages To CSV
  • API Integration
  • Bulk SMS
  • Custom Sender ID
  • Full Customer And Tech Support
  • 100% Delivery Guarantee
  • Auto-Segmentation
  • Doesn’t Use Your Mobile Plan
  • Highly Secure Messaging


Why Choose 160?

Enterprise-Level Security

Our technology is kept offsite at a highly secure data-center.

No Monthly Fees

You Only Pay For Your SMS Credits. That’s All.

Australian Carriers

We use Vodafone, Telstra, Optus and Virgin To Ensure Your Messages Get Delivered.

Local Support

Our Team Are Located In Sydney Australia

Access From Anywhere

No software to Install. Access anywhere from any device.

Simple To Use

Get up and running in minutes.


Register for your free business SMS account and receive free SMS credits including full access to all of our features.

We Use Australian Carrier Providers

Call our SMS support team on 1800 671 823 to get any questions answered.

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A Standard SMS is an SMS message which contains no more than 160 characters. A standard SMS sent from your mobile phone also contains no more than 160 characters. SMS Papa allows up to 600 characters to be transmitted concatenated over four SMS. Each standard SMS is charged at the rate of one credit. CDMA, premium rate numbers and other non-standard mobile destinations may incur higher charges. If in doubt, please contact us.

SMS Papa adheres to the Anti Spam Act. Any user found using the service to send unsolicited SMS Text Messages will have their account immediately suspended without refund. Please refer to the terms of service for complete details.

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